Martin Perdomo

Self Empowerment

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At the age of 16, Martin was forced into the reality of having to support himself. After 7 years of struggle, he discovered the power of personal development and working on himself, which led to his first 6-figure income in real estate by the age of 24. Through his commitment to bettering himself, Martin not only began to thrive, he also created proven strategies for helping clients increase sales and retention while decreasing turnover.

Martin realized his purpose is to be the Voice of courage for those that can’t. to Love, help and encourage others to live life on their terms. With this passion and determination, Martin serves his community through sitting on boards, participating in local clubs, as well as raising 4 beautiful children with his wife Annabel of over 17 years. He has also mentored and coached public figures, politicians, and numerous others to reach their true potential. To live life by design, and not by default. As Martin says “Psychology, Physiology, and your vocabulary are the three keys to an empowered individual.”

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Self Empowerment