Hector Alvarez

Learn 2 Earn
Hard Money Lender
25 Years

Possessing a desire to work with community leaders establishing opportunities for the less fortunate has been a lifelong goal, a goal that Hector Alvarez lives out every day by developing new programs and developments within communities in need. He understands the tools and resources needed to provide low income communities opportunities to better themselves, especially in this present day in age with the current economic turmoil affecting every home.

Having gone through his own personal high and low experiences financially, money management has become a personal learning process for Hector. While taking it a step further, through dedication and self-motivation he began conducting his own research and obtained a vast and diverse knowledge on credit improvement and debt management which has allowed him to not only improve his own financial stability but utilized his self-taught skills and methods to help others in need.

Hector accomplished one of his lifelong dreams of writing his own book through this experience. Taking him several years to develop, he penned his first book “The Financial Guide to Freedom” specifically to help individuals finding themselves in financial distress. “The Financial Guide to Freedom” which is an assistance guide for financial independence was written in hopes to educate and empower others as it empowered Mr. Alvarez. In its simplest form the book teaches you how to learn the most critical component of finance, managing your own money and building your credit worthiness. Hector has deconstructed the basic infrastructure of what credit is and provided fascinating in-depth resources, self-taught implementations, showcasing the practical ways to meet all of your financial needs. Hector has discovered a simpler method for others to get their problems with credit solved by doing it on your own with the intent to save you money in fees, lower your debt and spare you the yoke of high invested rates for years to come.

Real Estate Investing 90%
Business Marketing 80%
Business Development 70%
Business Coaching 85%
Public Speaker 95%