Antwan Webb

Project Manager
10 Years

10+ years in the contracting industry. Manual labor and long hours was my specialty. I was born into a family of eighth grade education, but the work ethic of a Harvard graduate helped me understand what it would take to get to where I want to be. Growing to understand the systems and processes needed to scale a “mom and pop” business to a company over eight figures, increased my interest in Real Estate and the opportunities that it brings. Along my journey, social media has played a special role in my development as an entrepreneur. I knew from an early age that the goal is to be known. The question I needed to solve was: How does a kid with no money and no marketing “put himself out there?” I found there was only one way, to use social media and share who I am with the world in order to get the opportunity to earn peoples’ trust. Every day I share pieces of my mind and my heart to social media and my followers. One and a half years later, I found myself walking into events within the real estate community where people knew my name before I could introduce myself.

Now, as a real estate professional, my goal is to help not only my clients in purchasing the largest asset of their lives, but also other realtors and business people who need help learning content creation and how to repurpose it to expand their business exponentially.