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A successful brand is more than a cool logo or sharp tagline – it’s a complex series of distinctions that are built upon every day, inside and outside your organization. Marketing Advocates brand experts help you find those distinctions and bring them to life. The process begins by collaborating closely with your team to determine how your brand will support the overall business strategy. From there, we articulate the brand vision through clear, strong brand positioning. The goal is to evoke the feeling of the brand shift through copy tone and voice as well as visuals to increase understanding and engagement.

Implementation of your brand begins internally. We will work closely with you to cultivate buy-in and internal advocates for the change via clear, accessible communication. And of course, brand development truly takes form when we work together to build your brand externally, for customers, channel partners, investors, and media. Through ongoing strategic planning, measuring and adjusting for maximum market penetration, your brand will stand tall above competitors because it’s rooted in the truth—and aspiration.

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What We Offer
Professionals from all aspects of business educate on various techniques they have used in order to be successful. Learn as your Build!
With over 35 years of combined Business and Marketing Experience, Marketing Advocates understands how to help brand your company and adds value by bringing you business as well. A unique business model built to make everyone a success.
Our Meet & Greet Events are a great way for you to build new relationships, generate new business and also broaden your network.
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The Learn 2 Earn Seminar will take place at 200 Grand St. Paterson, NJ at The International High School.