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Life, as in business, are a series of moments. Some of these moments you will remember; while many you won’t. Some may last forever while others never truly begin. But no matter how big or small these interactions ultimately become; each starts as one that will change everything. The moment that will make history or be forgotten.

That’s how Marketing Advocates sees the world around us. Every interaction with a brand matter. Whether internally within your company or externally with your targeted customer. Everything matters from the brand we design to the ad you run in a magazine. From the subject line for your weekly Newsletter to how you react in a crisis. Even the posting schedule on your social platforms, the handwritten note you send after a big sale and the way your team supports your brand message. Each interaction matters because you never know for sure which detail could be the one to change everything.

At Marketing Advocates, we develop brands and help them interact with their internal and external audiences to maximize success and perception.

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Professionals from all aspects of business educate on various techniques they have used in order to be successful. Learn as your Build!
With over 35 years of combined Business and Marketing Experience, Marketing Advocates understands how to help brand your company and adds value by bringing you business as well. A unique business model built to make everyone a success.
Our Meet & Greet Events are a great way for you to build new relationships, generate new business and also broaden your network.
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The Learn 2 Earn Seminar will take place at 200 Grand St. Paterson, NJ at The International High School.

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Hear 9 inspiring talks, meet the best product people in Europe, and party together after the event!